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Women’s Health Drop Two Sizes Book


Drop Two Sizes proves that anyone can change their body and their life, for good!

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Product Description

A proven plan to ditch the scale, get the body you want and wear the clothes you love! Ground-breaking research has shown that weight-loss does not equal fat loss. The dreaded number on the scale and emotional backlash that come with years of frustrating yo-yo dieting is often what holds readers back from successfully losing weight. Women’s Health fitness expert Rachel Cosgrove empowers readers to finally do what they’ve always wanted: throw out the scale!

Readers start by creating a personalised action plan that includes a commitment to the programme and to themselves. Cosgrove walks them through invaluable goal-setting skills, helpful strategies, and behavioural techniques that they can use daily to guarantee success. More importantly, readers will learn to finally let go of the number on the scale and focus on losing centimetres and fitting into their favourite skinny clothes! Drop Two Sizes includes effective, at-home strength and cardio routines that require little more than two dumbbells, as well as day-by-day menus, recipes, and suggestions for planning and cooking healthy meals, with the help of registered dietitian Chris Mohr, PhD, RD, CSSD.

Packed with helpful advice and the powerfully inspiring stories and before-and-after photos of real women who have lost two clothing sizes (and more!) over eight to 12 weeks.