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You probably have enough on your to-do list, and adding hours of exercise and perfect dieting to it won’t guarantee hot-body results. Frankly, if a diet and fitness routine feels too strict or time consuming, it usually backfires and won’t work long term. The solution? Shape-Up Shortcuts, the ultimate collection of fitness and diet tips from Jen Ator, CSCS, and the editors of Women’s Health. This must-have manual offers hundreds of smart, effective tips and troubleshooting techniques that will help you transform your body – even if you can spare only five minutes a day! Inside you’ll find:

• More than 20 exclusive workouts from the country’s top trainers that will reshape your body in less than 30 minutes
• Kilojoule-saving food swaps; quick, delicious recipes and time-saving kitchen techniques to make cooking a breeze (even for beginners!)
• Hundreds of tips that work with your schedule – like two-second life changers, post-workout beauty fixes and slim-down secrets – to take the stress out of healthy living

Shape-Up Shortcuts unlocks the secret to successful, lasting weight loss: it’s all about doing a little bit better each day. So what are you waiting for? Get into the best shape of your life – now!


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