Runner’s World Guide to Minimalism and Barefoot Running


Discover the World of Minimalist Running with the Editors of Runner’s World!


Product Description

If you’ve ever seen those cool, new “minimalist” running shoes and wondered what they’d feel like… If you’ve ever wondered if your current running shoes are slowing you down or causing you injuries… Or if you simply know the pure enjoyment of running barefoot in soft grass and want to do it again…
Decades ago, runners ran in lightweight shoes that allowed their natural form – running with a soft, mid-foot landing – to remain. Then, during the running boom, shoe manufacturers began developing shoes with more cushioning, motion-control and arch support in an effort to avoid over-use injuries.

With today’s breakthrough minimalist shoes, you can get back in touch with your natural running form… free yourself of those heavy shoes… get faster and more efficient… and run injury-free for years to come!