Belly off weight

MH Belly Off-Body weight DVD


Product Description

Forget formulas, forget fads – the scientifically proven, get-fit-fast plan for real life is finally here! The Belly Off! programme is so amazingly effective because it comes from the real-world fat-frying, muscle-building experiences of more than 300 000 men from the Men’s Health Belly Off! Club. All told, these men have lost nearly a million kilograms!

The Belly Off! Workout: The Body Weight Routine is the ultra-fast, super-easy way to lose kilos and supersize your strength, power and muscle mass. The Belly Off! Workout: The Body Weight Routine includes:
• The 2-Minute Drill: eight heart-pumping exercises – only 15 seconds each!
• Body Weight Circuits: rev up your heart rate and build muscle – no equipment needed!
• The Power of 10: ten exercises for a time-saving, all-in-one cardio and strength workout.

Get started today with this fast, easy, ultra-effective workout from the trusted fitness experts at Men’s Health!